Full Time College Support Staff Collective Agreement​  ​​​​​​
September 1, 2022-August 31, 2025

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The Local has around 2300 members who perform a variety of functions that support the learning of students and staff at George Brown College.  Members of Local 557, provide a supportive environment where students can learn. 

 We are a composite local which represents 4 locals:

1) Support Staff - Encompasses all sorts of workers that will interact and facilitate the education for our student's everyday life while learning and evolving to become a productive member of society.
2) Top-Notch – Cleaners whom work out of waterfront and Casa-Loma and 500 MacPherson Ave. 
3) Student Association - Workers from St. James, Casa Loma & Waterfront Campus.  "Are committed to supporting each other in the struggle for student rights, the pursuit of quality education and the provision of services in a safe, accessible and equitable environment"
4) Part-Time Support Staff 

Welcome to Local 557

​Representing George Brown College Support Staff

Local: 557 - George Brown CAAT-S/Topnotch/StudentAssociationGerogeBrown
Employer: Student Association Of George Brown College
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Some of the roles of OPSEU Local 557 are: 

Registration and Admissions, Student Support Services Functions, Field Placement, Systems supports, Financial aid, Payroll and Human Resources, Academic supports, Assistance for persons with disabilities, Early Childhood Education, Accounting and Finance, Technical supports, Facility Supports including caretaking, receiving and Maintenance, Library and computer labs, Online and distance learning, Research and Innovation, Campus stores, Clinic supports, Office supports, Advising and career counseling, Marketing and communications, Staff development, Health and safety, Continuing Education supports, Student Association, Top Notch Caretakers and Part-Time Support Staff.

There are many distinct jobs within these roles and the College would not function without the important work of Support Staff and the Members of OPSEU Local 557.

​​Part Time Collective Agreement

February 1, 2021 - January 31, 2024                    

416-415-5000 x4600 | local557@georgebrown.ca